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snakehead 3D renders

Concept art for a short animation I’m working on. You can see a demo clip on vimeo.  

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inked pages for Scaffold#3

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Scaffold 3 in progress

We are working on the third Scaffold. This page didn’t make the cut!

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vvorm panel


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New Book Called Mothers Is Coming Soon

We needed a break from Scaffold 3 and decided to switch to a quick project that would let us relax with a more conventional, less painstaking, grammar. We also got set up with a new printing system for our inkjet, … Continue reading

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LA/GS design concept 2

I’m working on layout and tile ideas for a new print.

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LA Gamespace Design Concept

We’re working on a poster design as part of a pledge reward for LA Game Space’s Kickstarter. The picture above is a preliminary design I came up with (Veronica supplied me with the pattern in the middle). Work on the … Continue reading

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postcard series sketch

present / future news

We are working around the clock on a new book and prints which will be available┬ánext weekend at the Alternative Press Expo and on the east coast at The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in November. Above is a concept … Continue reading

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LODE: page 10 and 11

LODE concept art 4

Digital test print on vellum.

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LODE: page 1 and 2

LODE concept art 3

Digital test print on vellum.

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